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MUST BE COMPLETED BY MARCH 31 . . . PLEASE read this before you register!

It’s time for Captains and Co-Captains to registration again! Please read these instructions before beginning the registration process.

NOTE: To confirm your team's 2019 flight (e.g, C3 v. C4, etc.), scroll through the box on the right side of the MITL website home page until you see your flight. There is movement between flights every season, so please confirm your flight before you begin the captain registration process!

To register, click on the link in the gray ATTN CAPTAINS! box at the top left side of this page and following the instructions. Registration is an ANNUAL PROCESS as the site is wiped clean at the end of every season. You need to register and establish your 2019 password for logging on to the website. All Captains and Co-Captains must each register separately and get a new password each year.

Once registered you will be able to create your new password to gain access to the website.

1. Click on the LOGIN button located at the top right of the page.
2. Click on the link to “Create a Password”.
3. Enter your complete email address. The computer will verify your information and immediately email you a numerical password.
4. Once you receive the numerical password, return to LOGIN.
5. Enter your email address and new password. You will then be taken to your Administration page where you can enter & submit your roster.

To CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD: Your password can be changed to a more familiar password by following the steps below. You may use any combination of letters and or numbers that you like.

1. While you are logged in as a captain, click on the link below the LOGIN button that says “ click here to change your password”.
2. Enter your email address, current password and then the new password you would like to use. Your password is immediately changed within the system.

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Felice Gritz
VP & Secretary
Pat Comerford
Grace E. Shen

Team Points Weeks
Apawamis Club 0.0 0/7
Birchwood 0.0 0/7
Chestnut Ridge 0.0 0/7
Manursing 0.0 0/7
New Rochelle 0.0 0/7
Pelham 0.0 0/7
Rye Racquet 0.0 0/7
Westchester 0.0 0/7
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